This page is simply for my dog, J.D. J.D. stands for Jack Daniels. Yes, the whiskey. It's really just sort of a joke, since as far as I'm concerned his name is just J.D. I got him when he was just over 2 months old from the Wayne Pet Place. He is a mini poodle, and has all his paperwork. He is purebred, microchipped, and soon to be registered. His birthday is May 30th. As of 5/30/03, he is 2 years old.
I have decided to start splitting the pictures into years. His first year, second year, and so on. This main page will be the current year, which right now is his third. This page is for his second year, and this page is for his first.

J.D. at 2 Years ? Months
Coming Soon


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