This page is dedicated to the most important person in my life, ME!! As we all know, this whole site is mine, but I have used most of it to show off my friends, family, pets, and collectible items. What about me? What about Keith? What about him? Who cares? I don't.

Anyway, this is going to be a simple enough About Me page. If you don't want to know, leave now. I'll wait. Gone yet? Good. We can continue. I may eventually have various pictures and links as I see fit to include them. As always, feedback can be sent here, and though I will read all, I may ignore most.

Some quick facts. I am currently 27 years alive, single, and unemployed for 13 months now.

I am a wrestling fan. I cheer on the Jets and I despise baseball, hockey, and basketball since the destruction of the 98 Bulls. Jordan should have just spared himself the embarrasment of a return.

This page will hold but a few facts about me plus likes and dislikes, while there will be the Rant drop-down box at the bottom of the page for some of my long winded explanations and reviews.

Music - All time goes to the Eagles, however I don't have a specific favorite artist at this time.

Song - Myndflame's Club Thrall. All time Eagles Hotel California.

Movies - All time has got to go with the original Star Wars Trilogy.

TV - Whose Line Is It Anyway is a great improv showcase. All time goes to M.A.S.H., with nods to Star Trek TOS and Knight Rider.

Comics - Current is Marvels Ultimate Spider Man and Annihilation. All time goes with the original Spider series'. Before they made 5 different titles and added a girl and a woman.

Specific Comic - Amazing SpiderMan #36. Black cover, almost no actual speech, just the thoughts of one distraught "super-hero". The visulazation of the webhead looking over the 9/11 disaster area was stunning. And in the end, this was really the only comic series with the balls to come right out and talk about this head on. I say it's a shot in the arm to the Spider-movie, which felt that taking the towers out of the picture was safe. Regardless, the writers showed what would have happened if super-heroes existed.....they would get blamed. Like SpiderMan could have stopped one or more 747's in flight. But still, a survivor yelled at him. God bless.

Vid Systems - Still sticking with the XBox, since I've yet to move on to the next gen systems. All time goes to the Original Nintendo. The cheesiest, most annoying games and console ever to exist, it still has hardcore gamers hooked.

Video Game - Resident Evil for GameCube. There has never been a better remake. Though the idea of Resident Evil being a Nintendo only (with a few minor exceptions) didn't sit too well with me at first, playing this game made me feel better. The graphics are exceptional and rip apart any in the series thus far. The play was good, the replay value is great, the voice acting is ten times better, and the add-ons to the original were suberb. Waiting for HALO 3.

Porn - Heather of still rocks..

Most psychotic wrestler - Shane McMahon. Now you may all be ready to powerbomb me through a stack of flaming tables, but this guy is worth more then all the WWF talent combined without making a name for himself, and look at all the stuff he does anyway.

Best WWF Match - Bret vs Shawn, Iron Man

Best WCW Match - Tie between Bret vs Beniot (we still remember you, Owen) and Sting vs Flair, final Nitro.

Dumbest things WCW ever did - Everything except the original nWo and cruiserweights. Most important, announcing Mankind's first ever WWF title win on their Live show since WWF was taped. Millions of viewers, myself included, changed the channel immediately...

Dumbest thing WWE ever did - Soap Opera angles. Kane a murderer? Kane a necrphiliac? Triple H portraying Kane being a necrophiliac? Undertaker cheating on his wife?

Current stupid WWE angles - Most of them.

Things the WWE should do - Dump this World Title/WWE Title business and stick with the Undisputed title. Forget ECW, cause they won't let it run right. Stop making monkeylove to no talent big men.

Best mode of transportation - HARLEY DAVIDSON

And there is my list. Comments and emails agreeing or disagreeing will be posted, should I recieve any. Anyone who sends a new topic will also be posted, and I will update my list accordingly. Thank you to all who suffered through my page.


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