My Friends, old, new, and indifferent.

This is my "Friends" page. I will be honest, not all of these people were ever truely my friend, but they mattered in my life in one way or another, so I will pay homage to them here. There is also an old style page in the old school area, but it lacks taste, form, and is comprised of crude HTML and full sized pics. Very bad for loading time, I'm afraid. So I've taken some time, done some refining, and made thumbnail images with labels and names as alt text. Once again, feel free to use the feedback mailbox.

This page pertains to my high school years.
Super Kleef Over NY Super Sam to stop Super Kleef Me and Sam at BHS Mock Wedding
Ashley Nestor's Senior Portrait Nicole Katy Strong at the Prom '97
Me, Prom Day 97 David and I Graduation Day '97


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