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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Latest in Ascension

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If at first you don't succeed, failure may be your style.

So after much testing and programming in DHTML it has been decided that DHTML just can't be used to make a fast smooth Ascension game ... well I should it was decided that I couldn't make a fast smooth version of Ascension in DHTML. So what will we use you ask? I decided that Flash is the way to go. Flash has a script language built into it called ActionScript. I spent the last couple of weeks learning Flash CS3 as well as ActionScript 3.0. Now I'm not an expert in Flash or ActinoScript, but I do know enought (or atleast think I know enough) to create Ascension.
So I have some release dates for myself and I hope I can keep them. The final release date is currently scheduled for August 1, 2008.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Finally In

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If at first you don't succeed, failure may be your style.

Well, I finished moving in. It took all weekend. Saturday my dad and I moved all the big/heavy stuff and then on Sunday my friend Nick and I moved the misc stuff like my comics, PC's and the other stuff that doesn't fill well into boxes. I took off from work on Monday so that I could clean my apartment. Today I go back to patch up a quick hole in the wall and I drop my keys off.
My baby now has proper furniture in her room and we are slowly decorating the room with stickers and the like. My computer room is a mess, but that will take some time to get it all organized and working the way I want. My parents gave me their 52" TV and of course I set that up the first day. I was tired, it was 12 am, but damn if I wasn't going to hook my surround sound, WII and big TV. :-)
Well that is it for now.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Latest in My Life - Part 2

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If at first you don't succeed, failure may be your style.

Just wanted to give everyone who still reads this (not sure how many people that is) an update on my life. In November my wife gave birth to our first child. A little baby girl by the name of Shaylyn and in January I bought myself a house. That is is as far as personal life is concerned.
As for professional life, the company I work for has been bought out by another company and of course as always there will be some down sizing. I'm not worried as they can't completely get rid of their IT staff and I am the youngest so most likely I will stay, but who knows. Just incase I've been looking at other offers.
As for my personal private life, Aldazar has been turned into an open source development site (for right now) and IO-Sphere.net is turning into a real website. My first ever potential success. I say it that way because a tremendous amount of work has been put into the site to make it as feature rich as possible without making it to confusing. IO-Sphere.net is going to be the home of my gaming website. There we will be hosting games written by myself and other IO-Sphere.net team members (by which of course there is only one other member but we are looking to expand). Our flagship game will be a re-release of Ascension done in DHTML, but it will work more smoothly than the original and will incorporate some ideas from the owner of this blog (you will definitely see his name in the credits). Once that is up we will start to develop more interactive JAVA based games. I hope to see this venture of mine take off better than my previous ones. Anyone is welcome to stop by and view the site. Accounts can be created, but we do not have any games up yet, so the site is kind of useless until Ascension is finished. You are however welcome to create an account, look around and let me know of any bugs you may find or you can post in our forums. Well, thanks for reading.

Friday, March 02, 2007

The Latest In: Work

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Entertain the Brutes

Friday Afternoon Edition

Feels weird doing updates.

The Bronco is road worthy. Barely. But as long as I can drive it for a couple months, I'll be ok.

Work. Home Depot has me in tomorrow at 9 a.m. for the start of Orientation. What that means is anyones guess. I assume it means paperwork and videos.

Frankly I can't see this job being tough. Annoying, yes. Stressful, sure. After all, customers are a generally stupid and thickheaded lot. But tough? I scan stuff, hit a few buttons, take some cash, put away some credit card slips...

It's not that I'm talking down about the position, or the people that work it. It has it's place in the world, and people need to be doing it. I just doubt it's difficult, is all.

And aint nothin wrong with that.

I will be putting my schedule up on this site once again, via this blog, using the links at the top. I'll also be keeping track via my Condo on the Dark City of Singe (the KM.com message board).

My only hope is that my schedule steers clear of early mornings. I hate morning.


Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Latest In: Life

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Bring Back the Brutes

New Edition
So many of you know about the situations plaguing my life recently (ok, the last year plus and much in the last few weeks). Well, those of you on my board, Dark City of Singe.

Things got "better" in small ways and in stage.

First, I'm now on "my own" webhost server, proxy through Kahlan.
Today was my followup interview with Home Depot. It was apparantly just for fun, as they sent me up for some paperwork and sent me on my way for a piss test. As long as I haven't forgotten any crack I might have done, and my "background" is clear, then I should start orientation next weekend-ish.
When I got home, as I was putting away a few grocieries, I told Ray about the job, and that I needed a vehicle in a week for cheap as fuck. We immediately went out to two places, but I had to pick up Barb (the homeowner of the place I live) as I had borrowed her car to make the interview. He went off on his own to look at a couple places while I got her. When he returned, he brought me tidings of a 1988 Bronco XLT for $200. We ran up there and grabbed it, and he'll be doing some work on it this week while I change the title, reg it, insure, and all that jazz.
It's been an interesting day, all in all.
I look forward to being back in life. See you all there.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


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If at first you don't succeed, failure may be your style.

Hello ALL.
I finally purchased Thundcats Season One Part One and let me tell you, this was a really great show. The only problem with it was the dialog and the voice acting. The problem with the dialog was that it spent way to much time making sure kids understood the dangers of violence and that each show had some moral kids could learn from. The voice acting needed much improvement, but the plots were really good. I think that if this show was to be brought back it would could be the next big thing.

All in all, I will definitely buy the remaining seasons (Season 1 part 2, Season 2 Part 1 and 2). I hoping others will post on their feelings about this show. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

Friday, December 30, 2005

The Latest

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Entertain the Brutes

Friday Evening Edition

Now that that's out of the way, let's get down to the meat and potatoes of it all.

I find it amusing that any attempt to reason on my part is met with general disdain or laughter. I see things in a different light than most, but instantaneously I'm wrong, because the majority thinks the other way. Now I'll give in to majority rules, but I'm not going to say "I'm wrong". However it's taking me a lot of time and a lot of screwups to force myself to deal with the fact that that same majority of people is stupid.

Take the commenter on my Termination post. The entire "point" (using the term loosely) of the comment was to talk shit about me. Ok, that's fine. I'm used to it. Tiny brained wastes of space still suckin on momma's boobies say nasty shit about me all the time. Unfortunately the arguement given in favor of the employer was the same read-from-the-book excuse I've heard from everyone else. "They said this time and that's it." There is no REASON for this to stand up, yet it does. This termination has shown that to me loud and clear. Simple reasoning and logic have no place when it comes to the corporate rulebook. Gotcha.

I actually tried to have a conversation with the owner of the house I live in about things, but my opening statement made it impossible to flesh out. So I'm going to put it here, and wait for the last commenter to bitch some more, cause it's really fun.

If I hadn't started dating Laurel, I probably wouldn't be so badly off right now.

Now, as Laurel's mother, she immediately set to defending her child. BUT now that I can continue...

It's not about Laurel, not quite. It's about the choices that were given because of her. And in that regard, also about my tendancy to look for the easiest way out.

See? Blaming myself here. Pay attention class.

If I hadn't been dating Laurel, when my father told me I had till the end of the year (or something) to either be in school, pay rent, or move out, what would I have done? When I ran this down to Laurel, the first thing she did was get her mother to agree to let me move in. I didn't ask her to, nor had I considered it an option (I don't think so anyway, it's been awhile). The same thing occured when I needed money for school. Without my approval, she borrowed money from her grandfather for me.

The same idea surrounds my dog. If she had not been with me at the pet shop while I was checking out types of small dogs, I wouldn't have bought J.D.. I distinctly remember weakly saying no a few times, and she talked me into it.

So yes, I didn't have to agree to move, I didn't have to accept and use the money, I didn't have to buy the dog. All I tried to say was that if the option hadn't been there for me in the persona of her, I may have done something completely different.

I admit, all this really does is show that I'm pretty weak willed. Especially to women. And that I could have made other choices that might have left me in a much more desireable living situation. I targeted dating Laurel because that was the major shift in my life. Before I moved in with her, my only real problem was how to get around my father. I had no credit cards, a car and decent insurance, and a job. After the move, everything shifted and went to hell, slowly but surely.

So finally, I'm here, nearly 8 years later and in the shitter. Contrary to my own words, I do blame myself. My strange views on things, my unwillingness to make tough choices, my crappy eating habits or lack of will to exercise, anything that contributes to me being so miserable, yes, it's my own damn fault. The question now is, with the hole so big, how do I climb out?

And that, dear readers, is where change can hopefully begin.


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